Tracking and Cloaking

Join us for this Two Day Level II Shamanic Training!

Fall 2019


Shamans work with their helping spirits to fulfill many roles within the community. Tracking is the skill of finding lost items, loved ones, or opportunities, and divining food, water, and other resources. As one progresses on the shamanic path, good tracking skills become indispensable for soul retrieval work.

Cloaking is the skill of protecting people and valuable resources, for keeping them safe and well, and avoiding needless conflict. Cloaking is the important work of blending and fusing non-ordinary and ordinary space. In this way, cloaking allows the practitioner to “hide” objects in plain sight. This skill has myriad applications from assisting beneficiaries in avoiding psychic attacks to protecting valuable property from theft or catastrophic events.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore with clarity previously unseen territory in the middle world.
  • Learn the art of hide and seek in ordinary and non-ordinary reality.
  • Learn effective techniques for manifesting specific outcomes.
  • Reconnect with lost resources, protect what is vulnerable, and find what is missing.
  • Discuss the essence of “light work” and create a personal contract with your helping spirits.

This workshop requires completion of a Level I Shamanic Skills Workshop or commensurate experience, and reliable shamanic journeying skills.

This class is a Foundations of Soul Retrieval class and a prerequisite for the Soul Retrieval Practitioner Training.

This workshop will take place at the charming Lomitas Center in Santa Rosa. Please bring a bag lunch. The Schoolhouse has a fridge, stove, etc. Tea and snacks will be available throughout the day.


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