Join us for this Two Day Level II Shamanic Training!

Saturday and Sunday, February 23 and 24, 2019, 10am-5pm

Simply stated, recapitulation is recapturing our life-energy, essence, or what is sometimes called our “luminous fibers.” Before entering the shamanic path, many of us went through life in a half sleeping state. Our energy may have been left behind in conflicts, assaults, and miscommunications. We have likely inadvertently taken energy from somewhere else, that doesn’t belong to us, and doesn’t provide us the nourishment we need to live and heal. Before a shamanic apprentice can receive full initiation into the shamanic dimensions where revelation and miracle take place, and they are able facilitate healing for others, it is paramount that the apprentice recapture their luminous fibers from people, places, and circumstances where it has been left behind, so that they have their own energy at their immediate disposal.

In this workshop you will:

  • Restore your life-energy from circumstances in the past where it is locked-up or captured.
  • Disentangle yourself from complex situations that are unhelpfully consuming your essential energy.
  • Return others’ essential energy that you have inadvertently or unconsciously captured for your own consumption.
  • Connect with your authentic self as your true source of power and learn how to sustain your connection.
  • Commit to a path of  “light work” to benefit others.

This workshop will take place at a beautiful private location in Santa Rosa. Please bring a bag lunch and feel free to use the fridge, stove, etc. Tea and snacks will be available throughout the day.

Prerequisite: Completion of a Level I Shamanic Skills Workshop or commensurate experience, and reliable shamanic journeying skills.

This class is a Foundations of Soul Retrieval class and a prerequisite for the Soul Retrieval Practitioner Training.


Space is strictly limited.

Please see the policies page if this site for information regarding conduct policy, cancellation policy, and medical forms.


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