Online Training

Spirit of the Drum Online Workshop

Grab Your Drum and Join the Circle!

Tuesday Evenings, May 15 – June 19th, 7-9pm (PT)


Join us for this Online Shamanic Drumming Workshop

Shamans journey to other dimensions by altering their brainwaves into a theta state of consciousness with a simple drumming technique. When their brainwaves are entrained to this rhythm, the shaman is able to perceive non-ordinary information with their extra-sensory perception skills.

In this workshop:

  • Meet, greet, and forge a relationship with the spirit of your drum.
  • Hone your skills of perceiving non-ordinary information.
  • Learn several different drumbeats that will enable you to journey to different dimensions with intentionality and discipline.
  • Learn to journey deeper and retain more information from non-ordinary awareness with the support of your own drum.
  • Gain lots of practice journeying for yourself and on behalf of others.

We will begin on the New Moon May 15th. Each session will last 90-120 minutes.


Fall Six Week Cyber Series

**Registration Closed**
Introduction to Journeying

Tuesdays, September 19th – October 24th, 7 – 8:30 PM PST (8M; 9C;10E)


This course is designed to teach you the skills to begin to journey for yourself and others and attune you to the sacred rhythm of the upcoming seasonal cycle which begins with the Autumn Equinox. It is the perfect course for those engaged in Psycho-Shamanic Therapy™ and those preparing to attend a residential retreat with Laura, and delve deeper into the Psyche, the non-ordinary realms, and the Great Mystery. It is also perfect for individuals looking to experience Laura’s approach for the first time, as well as current students who would like a journey refresher.

You will learn to journey to the upper and lower world, meet your own benevolent helping spirits, perceive information in non-ordinary reality through your inner-senses, and journey on behalf of others. We will use oracles to help us on our journey.

We will begin on New Moon September 19th and end October 24th. Each session will last 90 minutes.


Winter Six Week Cyber Series

**Registration Closed**
Journey to the Goddess

2018 Winter Six Week Cyber Series

Journey to the Goddess

Tuesdays, January 16th – February 27th, 7 – 9pm Pacific Time

(No class February 6th)

$120 for registrations received before 12/31/2017

$140 for registrations received after 12/31/2017

We are collectively in a transformation of moving from a patriarchal society to a Goddess centered, more sustainable and egalitarian lifestyle. Shamanic journey practice enables us to consciously attune to the emerging Goddess, nurture our own unique relationship with her, and also, to learn from how others relate to and experience her power, strength end elegance.

We will be journeying to the many faces of the Goddess, discussing how the Goddess supports and facilitates our creativity and healing, and the healing of the world. We will learn shamanic techniques to bring the Goddess into our daily lives for empowerment and protection, healing, creativity and good fortune!

We will begin on the new moon in January. Each session will last 2 hours.