Introduction to Experiential Shamanism

Learn the Art and Practice of the Shamanic Journey

Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22, 2020, 10am-5pm

Shamans journey with helping spirits to facilitate healing for themselves, for others, and for the planet. Shamanism is a dynamic spiritual path that enables seekers to awaken their innate gifts for perceiving the unseen world. Everyone has helping spirits and can learn to journey to them. Through lecture, instruction, practice, and small group integration, you will learn how to undertake a shamanic journey to access the shamanic realms for information, healing, and blessings, be introduced to the foundational wisdom of classical shamanism and learn about cross-cultural approaches to shamanic healing.

In this workshop:

  • Be introduced foundational theories of classical shamanism.
  • Meet benevolent helping spirits who support your growth and wellbeing.
  • Learn to journey to the upper, lower, middle, and inner worlds, and other worlds in between.
  • Meet your own power animal and learn the art of power animal retrieval to help others connect with their own lost power.
  • Discover you very own place of personal power in non-ordinary reality.
  • Gain lots of practice journeying for yourself and on behalf of others, and acquire the skills that will firmly establish your own shamanic spiritual practice.

No experience is necessary to register for this workshop. This course will fulfill the prerequisite for all other Experiential Shamanism workshops.

This workshop will be help at the Geyserville Inn, a unique boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Sonoma county wine county, surrounded by world class spas and farm-to-table dining experiences. Special room rates are available for those traveling to the workshop.

Cost of attendance: $275.00 ($250 before March 1, 2020).

Space is limited. This workshop is expected to fill, so please register early.

Please see the policies page if this site for information regarding conduct policy, cancellation policy, and medical forms.

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