Nearly everyone who sits on my therapy sofa expresses a desire to live a life that feels authentic. The art of psychotherapy is the practice of clarifying and clearing away what isn't authentic for you and identifying and strengthening what is. In our work together I strive to provide you with the experience of being heard, seen and understood, so that you may define your unique expression of authenticity and begin crafting a life that is in accordance with your heart's desires. 

In our work together, we establish a trusting, mutually respectful relationship that holds the space for your soul to reveal itself to us. At times, therapy may seem like one step forward, two steps back as we take uncomfortable glimpses into the past in order to understand your current situation. 

In our session together we will talk about your day-to-day experience, where you feel stuck, and where you are being invited to shine. I will want to hear about your relationships, your work, your struggles, and especially your dreams, as they offer us extraordinary insight into your inner life.

Sometimes (but by no means always) when you first come to therapy your symptoms get worse before they improve. This can be disconcerting, as you are so ready to be out of our pain and suffering. But you and I are in it together. As you widen your ability to withstand discomfort, you will strengthen your resiliency and steadfastness. All along the way, I am there to provide support and guidance as you grapple with your footing on the path towards authenticity.

As you gain insight and integrate the lessons of the past with newfound understanding you begin to radiate with confidence and exude ease. I have witnessed this transformation countless times, and it is available to anyone who perseveres. 

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