Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is the recapturing of the life force that has been lost through both major and minor events that chip away at your wholeness. These events can range anywhere from a life changing tragedy to the more mundane, such as a disagreement with a loved one. The event does not matter so much as the cumulative impact on your life energy. When these shocking or heartbreaking experiences occur, it can be quite natural to cope with the overwhelm by sacrificing essential aspects of yourself, you could say, soul parts, to survive and endure the experience as well as the aftermath.

For thousands of years, shamanism has provided the antidote for living beings, in the form of soul retrieval practices to not only recover, but to integrate the experience and reclaim vital life force. Jung described psychotherapists as modern shamans, capable of assisting their clients of finding lost soul parts and bringing them home.

There are times when a missing soul part returns to you organically, in its own time. Other times it takes the alchemy of skillful witness, along with your own resources in the unseen world, to locate and retrieve your missing soul parts and facilitate the integration process.

Soul retrieval can be a profound experience that allows you to reunite all aspects of yourself, bringing both newfound insight and resiliency, along with your own special gifts, like playfulness and creativity. I am dedicated to helping you locate your lost life force and bringing it home, where it belongs.

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