Shamanic Healing

For over 15,000 years human beings have been practicing shamanic healing, the art of “seeing in the dark”. This ancient practice was passed down from ancestor to descendent, or teacher to disciple, in an unbroken lineage. Women and men known as shamans, or shamanic practitioners, spiritually travel to the unseen world, also known as non-ordinary reality, to access information and resources to facilitate healing on behalf of others. 

In our modern world, many of us have lost touch with the ancient forms of healing that connect us to our deepest knowing. We feel cut off from ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Some say this is the source of illness and unhappiness.

One antidote to these isolating tendencies is shamanic healing. When we engage with shamanic healing, not only do we become closer to ourselves and others, but we find new meaning and connections that expand our understanding, providing us with the ability to heal the past, bring ease into our present experience, and revision our future. 

Shamanic healing often relies on drumming or a rattle to provide a percussive beat that shifts brain waves from beta, our ordinary state of consciousness, to the meditative state of alpha, and then to the deepest state, known as theta. Our helping spirits and guides reside in the theta state, and here we work in cooperation with them to discover both the source of our imbalances as well as the solution for what ails us.

I believe that shamanic healing can benefit just about anyone. Many of the people who come to see me for shamanic healing sessions have tried therapy, or are currently in therapy. They report that they have tried everything under the sun to resolve their suffering. Others that see me are simply curious. They may have heard about shamanism from a friend, or have had an experience that has nudged them to find out more about the realms that exist outside of what we call ordinary reality. 

The information we glean from the unseen world appears in symbols and metaphors, omens and archetypes; it seldom is literal. Shamanic healing requires a willingness to engage in an experience that can feel unfamiliar at first, but once it becomes second nature, you will not be able to imagine going back to a life in which you did not access helping spirits for guidance and healing.

My approach is integrative and neo-classical, incorporating a cross-cultural and feminist perspective. I have completed intensive training with Sandra Ingerman and Julie Kramer, among others. Within the context of shamanic healing, I offer traditional shamanic services including recapitulation, extraction, soul retrieval and ancestral healing.

In addition, I also offer psycho-shamanic (therapeutic shamanism) sessions, which blend traditional therapy with shamanic approaches. In all of these capacities, I help you establish a network of resources, both seen and unseen, that facilitate healing on your behalf. These resources are on your side, and are always available to provide support and assistance on your path to healing and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

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