All beings are born with a vitality known as our essence, or life energy. Shamans refer to it as our “luminous fibers”, an illustrative term that helps us better understand that our energy both illuminates and takes physical form. These luminous fibers fuel our creativity, as well as safeguards our health and well-being. Without it, our life would be flat and one dimensional.

Ideally, life energy is self-generating and can be replenished by activities that rejuvenate and restore. Our energy level can often indicate if we are at ease, or if we are in stress. By listening closely, we discern which situations replenish us, and which do not. As we grow and develop on the shamanic path, we make choices that enhance our vitality so that we live in accordance with our true purpose.

We all have encountered people and situations that scrape away at our luminous fibers, causing wear and shedding.  We leave remnants of our life energy behind like a residue, tainting the past and compromising the future.

As “light workers” we all must endeavor to sustain our vitality for optimum health as well as resist drawing upon sources of energy that do not belong to us. Recapitulation is an essential step for anyone who wishes to facilitate healing  on behalf of others, and/or wants to deepen their practice and have their own energy readily available. By recapturing and reclaiming our luminous fibers from the people, places and circumstances where it has been left behind, we return to a place of wholeness and prepare ourselves for the next level of shamanic work.

In this workshop you will:

  • Restore your life-energy from past circumstances where it is locked-up or captured.
  • Disentangle yourself from complex situations that consume your essential energy.
  • Return to others’ their essential energy that you have inadvertently or unconsciously captured for your own consumption.
  • Connect with your authentic self as your true source of power and learn how to sustain your connection.
  • Commit to a path of  “light work” to benefit others.

Dates, location, tuition, and further details TBD. Contact us for further information.

Please read the policies page for information regarding group norms and conduct policy, cancellation policy, and medical forms.

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