The Inner Mandala of Helping Spirits

In this two day workshop I share a practice for meeting, merging and collaborating with the six helping spirits who inhabit our own inner mandala. In this practice you will learn about the helping spirits who encompass your inner mandala, and their special functions in your life and soul's evolution. You will develop a practice for merging with your Inner Mandala in order to bring the light of your spirits into the world and your everyday life. These six helping spirits help us in the areas where we may need their benevolence and love most, and, in the spirit of cultivating reciprocity we will discover what our helping spirits are asking of us, as well.

In this Workshop:

  • Be introduced the six helping spirits who inhabit your own inner mandala.
  • Learn to journey in the middle world with your inner mandala intact.
  • Meet the primal expression of your authentic self and begin to carry that soul signature into your daily life.
  • Discover the relationship between the elements, directions, seasons, colors, and other qualities of your inner mandala.
  • Learn the art of merging with your helping spirits to bring their light, protection and blessings into the physical world.
  • Get help in the areas of your life where you need it most.
  • Create a piece of art to support the embodiment of your inner mandala in the physical world.

No experience is necessary to register for this workshop.

Please read the policies page for information regarding group norms and conduct policy, cancellation policy, and medical forms.

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