Video Conferencing

Laura facilitates psychoshamanic work over video conferencing.

“When I was in shamanic training, I learned to journey to Power Places – spaces in non-ordinary reality that are extremely positively charged and conducive to healing. My intention with video conferencing is to create and tend space in another dimension that is wonderful for healing.”

Video conferencing is an incredibly effective way to work shamanically. Video conferencing allows the practitioner and the client to create a sacred space in a different world. Laura uses a high-end video conferencing software to facilitate one-on-one sessions. Every session begins with rattling, and inviting the helping spirits to the space.

If you are not in the Sonoma County area, Laura invites you to take advantage of shamanic healing over video conferencing on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

There are many advantages of video conferencing. Of course, it’s wonderful to see each other in-person, but these days, we really need to relax. Video conferencing allows clients the opportunity to relax at home, or anywhere they feel comfortable.

Visit the Book a Session Page to sign up for a video conference session.

Before your first Zoom session, please set up a Zoom account here and download the Zoom software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.