Shamanic Training

Shamanic training offers a complete spiritual path. Through training in shamanism a practitioner develops confidence, humility, trust, compassion, dignity, and integrity with their true self. Shamanic training empowers practitioners to co-create a life of their dreams alongside benevolent allies, and transcend and transmute negativity in all forms, once and for all.

Oftentimes we will hear people refer to “formal” shamanic training, and it is helpful to have an understanding about what this means.

When a practitioner feels called and ready to commit to a formal shamanic path, the commitment is ritualized in a ceremony within the larger shamanic community, and the practitioner becomes an Initiate. By making this commitment and becoming an Initiate, the practitioner is broadcasting to their helping spirits that they are prepared to embark on the journey that will indoctrinate them into the magical universe of the Apprentice. As an Initiate the individual will have the opportunity to recapitulate past, become fully present, and begin co-creating a meaningful future with their helping spirits.

After a period of initiation by the helping spirits, the practitioner may feel that they have ascended from an abyss (metaphorical death and rebirth), experienced transformation, and been introduced to a healing elixir that has changed their lives. The Initiate may feel that this elixir, or medicine, could be beneficial to others, and at this point, they may take vows as an Apprentice, again, within the context of a ceremony, and begin rigorous training in the ancient healing methods of the Shaman.

The essential healing modalities of the shaman include first and foremost learning to assist people in removing what is not truly them, and restoring their true essence, or soul energy.

The Apprentice may receive training in soul retrieval, foreign energy extraction, cord cutting, depossession, curse unraveling, psychopomp, ancestral healing, and Psychoshamanic work™ from authentic teacher(s). While acquiring these skills, the Apprentice participates in shamanic supervision, and where appropriate (licensed mental health practitioners offering Psychoshamanic work™) clinical supervision.

Not all practitioners feel called to the Initiate or Apprentice paths. Many practitioners enjoy learning shamanic skills and being a member of the larger shamanic community, without ever picking up the formal Mantle of the Healer. They find shamanic journeying and shamanic rituals enrich their lives and they cherish their close relationships with their benevolent helping spirits.

Wherever you find yourself on the shamanic path, it is just fine, since we always start where we are. If you are reading this page today, it may be because of a subtle nudge from your helping spirits. Perhaps it is time for you to meet your shamanic lineage and find your unique path through this ancient tradition for personal and collective healing.

If you have questions about formal or informal shamanic training and the various paths through the teachings, you may contact Laura for some clarification below.


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