Skylar’s Story

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I scheduled a shamanic healing session. I always believed that the spiritual realm existed, but I didn’t know how I related to it or how to fully understand my intuitions. The shamanic healing and soul retrieval Laura did for me gave me a much deeper understanding of events in my life and how traumas have affected my emotions and intuitions.

“Laura first asked about any difficulties I was facing. I told her of a situation I was facing in which I feared for my safety and the safety of my family. I’ve been feeling threatened by a destructive person. She then called on my protectors for guidance. I never even knew I had any! I asked who they were and how many. She found there were three, two on my right and one on my left. The one on my left chose to remain unidentified, so that I could find his or her identity for myself. The two on my right chose to reveal themselves. They are the Archangel Michael and the Hindu goddess Kali. I’ve never known anything about either of them, but after Laura told me of her spirit journey, it made total sense.

“Laura took a journey with her spirit guides to find fractured pieces of my soul. She explained that when we experience traumas, parts of ourselves hide in defense. The spirit guides dropped her on the back of a grizzly bear, my spirit animal. The bear took her to a young piece of my soul that fractured at 3 years old. She saw me with pig tails, which is something I always wore as a young kid. Laura and 3 year-old me traveled on the bear’s back to the Amazon. There, they found a female warrior who died in battle. It was me in a past life. I fractured after the death because it hurt to have to leave my people. The three of them traveled together on the back of the grizzly bear, with the Amazon me taking the reigns. Then, the soul pieces and the bear entered my heart so I could become whole again.

“After the journey, Laura gave me a couple of rituals to perform. The first one was taking a salt bath with Valerian. This made me laugh, because the week before, I bought Himalayan salts and took Valerian for restful sleep. I never told her about this. She said I was doing this intuitively. The next ritual she suggested was to place rocks and crystals at the four cardinal directions of my home and then to call on my protectors to guard the space. I’ve been a dharma practitioner for a little while, and I often say chants to call on protectors to help guide me through the day. Laura asked me if I ever offered them food. I explained that I had done so once, just last week. She said my protectors really like that!

“I would highly recommend booking a shamanic healing session with Laura. It far exceeded any expectations, and I feel much better and happier about the difficulties I face in life.”