Jason’s Story

“I scheduled a session with Laura during a tumultuous period in my life. I was in the middle of transitioning from my stable long-term job of over 15 years to a new business venture. The purpose of my session had to do primarily with the new business. Although it was very exciting to be launching, I was also completely stressed out about how many things could potentially blow up on me, especially with regards to my dealings with a number of other partners and investors.

“During the session, Laura’s helping spirits pinpointed a partnership early on in my career (that I had completely forgotten about) that really didn’t go well. She said that a lot of the residual energy from that failed partnership had carried forward with me, and was now causing difficulties with what I was trying to launch. She helped clear the old energy, and then gave me a very specific ritual and practice to go through to help heal the wound.

“Since going through the session, performing the ritual, and taking advantage of a quick follow-up, a number of really interesting things happened with the business that were completely unforeseen. Laura had spoken of the business as being fully-formed in non-ordinary reality, and the process of launching was akin to bringing it forth into the material world. Where I had been foggy before, I could now see things much more clearly, and the business sort of “revealed” itself to me in a way that I couldn’t see before. I came to see that I didn’t really need partners or investors in this venture, and trying to do that was a way I was being overly cautious and fearful – not trusting that the Universe had a plan for me, and that I wouldn’t have been brought this whole way just to fail right at the end. Having business partners had enabled me to create the illusion that I didn’t have to step up to the edge of that cliff and risk failure, but I began to see that I was needlessly giving away my power (and a ton of future revenue) in return. As I came to this epiphany, I shook off what felt like parasitic energy (Laura calls it “energetic enmeshment”). I launched the business completely on my own, and found out that Laura was right, it was fully formed and ready to go!

“I feel really good about the result, like I have conquered one of my formidable life challenges – like I have evolved. It’s really amazing that all this happened after just a couple sessions and a ritual, and the energy seems to be completely different now. Healing the old wound was also really helpful, as you carry these things around with you without really knowing how much of an impact they have on your psychological and emotional state. It’s been a great outcome all around. Thanks, Laura! (…and helping spirits!!)””