Lidia’s Story

“After recovering terrible and traumatic early childhood memories, I was thrown into a state of post traumatic stress disorder. I couldn’t eat or sleep and I was in a constant state of fear and despair accompanied by intense migraines.

“To try to pull myself out of the terrible condition I went for a swim at the Swim Club. It helped. When I finished my swim, I headed home in my suit and towel since I was going to jump into the hot tub when I returned home.

“The next day as I prepared to go to work, I went for my wedding ring in the spot that I keep it. “Oh my God…. where is my wedding ring? When did I last have it?”

“As I began to review my short term memory to track the ring, I realized how out of touch and re-traumatized I was by the recovered memories. I felt like I had lost my innocence and now I was lost my wedding ring too. I was devastated.

“I knew I had to journey immediately and ask the unseen world to help return my wedding ring to me. When I did, the Archangel Ariel appeared and said my ring was near water. She showed me the moon passing through its phases from new moon to full moon to new moon again. “Great!” I said to myself, it’s either at the pool or somewhere near my hot tub. I didn’t know what the moon in the journey meant, but it felt mysterious. Right away I called the Swim Club to see if anyone had turned the ring in at the front desk and was transferred to the Executive Director. She said no one had turned the ring in and she would speak to her staff personally to see if anyone had seen my ring. I called her back the next day and she told me that after speaking to her staff she can tell me definitively the ring was not there. So now I knew where to focus… the hot tub on my back deck.

“We searched in the hot tub. We searched the deck around the hot tub. We crawled around under our three foot-high deck with rotting leaves and maybe even copperhead snakes. We still couldn’t locate the ring.

“In panic I took apart every sink in the house. I went to the Yoga studio where I practice and tore apart their sinks, just in case. I even put an ad on Craig’s List.

“My husband took a total of about 16 hours to get over his attachment to the missing ring. I was not so quick to move through the loss. My self esteem plummeted as I began to realize that I would never see the ring my husband had made for me again. How could I be so careless?

“The helping spirits continued to tell me that my ring was near the water, and I resigned myself that I must be making the whole thing up! I just WANT my ring to show up that bad! I realized I needed to accept reality and began the process of filing a claim with my homeowner’s insurance.

“Before I submitted the claim, I wanted to try one last thing, so I could say I tried everything. I decided to make some posters and bring them around to local pawn shops – maybe the ring had been stolen and the thief was trying to sell it. After visiting the pawn shops I went to the Swim Club where I had been swimming before I lost the ring and hung a Lost Ring poster up on their extremely obscure community bulletin board. I knew the chances were slim-to-none that it would show up after having gone missing for this long – it had been almost a month since I lost it. I also hung a poster at the grocery store for good measure. With each poster I hung, I imagined my energy connecting with a person looking at the poster.

“I submitted the claim and took off for a shamanic workshop that had been planned far in advance. At the workshop the participants were organized in small groups of four. We were to practice shamanic healing with each other, each one of us sharing a problem in need of healing with the other three practitioners. I knew right away the issue in my life that needed shamanic healing. I felt terrible about losing my wedding ring and wanted to ask the helping spirits to mend my broken heart.

It was wonderful having three people to journey for healing. The first journeyer returned and said her Raven helping spirit loves sparkly objects and showed up to help her find it. The next journeyer had a Grandfather Sage helping spirit who said the ring symbolized security and my attachment to the past. The third journeyer had another helping spirit who said losing my ring had made me connect with that which is truly precious to me – my marriage. They performed a healing ritual on my behalf. My heavy heart began to lift and I was starting to feel grateful for the struggle, grateful for my husband, and grateful I would at least get an insurance check.

“Speaking of the insurance check, the agent had called me that day while I was at that shamanic workshop to complete the verification process and cut my check. It was Saturday and I would have to call her back first thing Monday morning. I was never to make that call.


“I went back home that evening after the workshop and began to integrate all the healing from the day. I was tired and hungry, as I usually get when I’m receiving shamanic healing.

“While I was standing at the pantry trying to figure out what I was actually hungry for, my cell phone rang and I curiously answered it – I didn’t recognize the number. It was the evening manager from the Swim Club. As I sat there completely dumbfounded, she explained that my wedding ring had been at the front desk in a pencil drawer since the day I lost it. Someone had found it and turned it in. She had been keeping her eye on it and saw the poster on the obscure community bulletin board as she was closing the facility this evening. I could pick up my ring the following morning, which was exactly twenty-eight days, or one moon cycle, from when it had gone missing. As it turned out, the helping spirits had been telling me where the ring was and when it would return. I needed to do exactly what I had done, and receive the healing that had been orchestrated by the divine on my behalf.

“This experience was so healing for me. As I continued to integrate my recovered childhood memories I was so grateful for my husband’s abiding love and perseverance through this difficult time. I felt like the real gem is the life we have created together and I am blessed beyond measure.

“The helping spirits not only helped me find my lost wedding ring, they brought true healing to my broken heart. In the process I became a true believer in spiritual miracles.”