George’s Story

“On June 20-21, 2015 I participated in The Summer Solstice Weekend Workshop: Calling In Love. There were five of us in the Circle, including Laura, our Shaman.

“Laura lead us on many revealing Journeys and Divinations, however, I had an experience on Sunday that I will never forget.

“That Sunday our Circle performed a Divination. Just under a year ago, I had an extremely healing and Spiritually validating journey in Mexico. That journey has allowed me to hear the call to service. The question I put to the Circle was: ‘I feel the need to help and to heal others. At times I see myself as a Shamanic Practitioner and as an Ayahuasquero. What Path should I take to realize this goal?’

“The first three answers all had fire within them. I took this as pointing toward my affinity to the Fire Keepers of the Peyote Ceremony. Ever since my first Peyote Ceremony I saw that training as a Fire Keeper would be a good way to bring discipline into my practice. My second Peyote Ceremony cemented this belief. I fully intend to learn their ways, however, that training will have to wait, because…

“Laura was the last to speak. The answer that she returned with surprised us all, even her, because of how specific it was.

“Laura said that I should start my training as a Pachakuti Meas Tradition Apprentice and she gave me a specific contact name. Laura did not stop there, she continued by saying that I should get the money to pay for the apprenticeship by working at a local home improvement store that she also mentioned by name.

“That evening I sent an email to the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship training provider that Laura named and the next day I filled out the online application for a Sales Associate position at the store that she mentioned.

“Just over a month has passed since that Sunday and I am very happy to say I have been accepted into the Apprenticeship training and I have also accepted a job offer from that home improvement store!

“I offer much gratitude and many thanks to Laura for her clarity of vision and her amazing ability to lead deeply meaningful Journeys. Thank you Laura!”