Cindy’s Story

“Not knowing what to expect, but in pain (suffering from confusion and heartache), Laura guided me into the realm of Shamanic Healing.

“On her journey, Laura’s guides immediately introduced her to an Alpaca. Laura asked him what he was doing there. He replied, “I’m always with her, I love her.” So he joined Laura and her guides on their journey. Laura saw the “current me” laying on a flat rock slab. I had a shroud covering me and appeared to be dead. There were Greek Gods and Goddesses standing around me. Isis was one of them. Laura recognized several attachments as well. She asked her guides to remove them. At that point Laura, her guides, and the Alpaca (I have since named him Jared) moved closer to me. Laura could see I was breathing, but just barely. I was in a deep sleep. During the session I felt “lightness” in my neck. I’m not certain I reported that to Laura following our session. Our session ended with me feeling like I haven’t in several years. My thoughts were clear. The confusion was gone. Laura suggested I allow myself to grieve losses in my life, which is something I never did. I laid out a few things that reminded me of some of those profound losses. I sat with them each morning for a couple months, and just allowed myself to feel the loss. In the end I was left feeling better, but struggled with two remaining questions. Why am I sleeping and how do I wake?

“A few months later I had an opportunity to attend a session with Laura at her healing center in Napa. She facilitated a session in which we were instructed to find our spirit animal. During my journey I emerged from a waterfall and stepped into a beautiful rolling wheat field. The sky was blue, and the wind was blowing the wheat softly. I looked to my right and saw a tree line, as I walked toward it I could see a deer. I moved closer to the deer, it changed from a doe to a buck and back. I knew it wasn’t him. As I looked down the tree line I saw countless deer. I knew immediately it wasn’t there. I turned toward the wheat field and I could see Jared, my Alpaca. We walked towards each other. He looked into my eyes with his big beautiful Alpaca eyes and I knew immediately. It was him. He laid his head on my shoulder and I stroked his neck. I asked Jared to help me, to release me from an enmeshment. He looked into my eyes and said, “It’s already done.” I asked him, “How will I know if it returns?” He said, “You’ll begin to have accidents again.” Then Jared and I laid in the wheat field together, completely content. When the journey ended I was still left with the two questions from my first experience. Why am I asleep, and how do I wake? I spoke with Laura about this. She instructed me to ask Jared, or my spirit guides when I returned home.

“I returned home feeling renewed. The next morning as I stood in the hot, beautiful Colorado sun watering my Aspens I thought of Jared and my lingering questions. Why am I asleep and how do I wake? Suddenly I knew. I “was” asleep. I was holding onto a love that was causing me great heartache. I had released that love several weeks before my second journey with Laura, but continued to live in the cycle of heartache. If I hadn’t experienced that second journey with Laura and my beloved Alpaca, Jared, I may not have recognized this and continued to live in the painful cycle of heartache.

“Thank you Laura for helping me find Jared, for empowering me, and for introducing me to me.”