Adam’s Story

“I was a little surprised when Laura suggested during our session that I might have a possessing spirit. Like a lot of people, my idea of possession is more along the lines of the Exorcist, and I definitely didn’t feel like there was anything besides “me” in my body. But I’ve had sessions with Laura before, and know she’s good, so I although I had my doubts, I kept an open mind and went with it.

“During the session, there was a point where I was asked to look within my body for a sign of pain or discomfort, and I found that my back teeth were a little sore. As I sunk into the sensation, it really felt like there was some sort of piece of wood in my mouth – almost like a gag. It wasn’t a real piece of wood, obviously, but the sensation was uncanny. Using this, Laura and I were able to connect with an energy that was in my body, but wasn’t really coming from me.

“We asked the energy what its name was, and I kept thinking of Chrysanthemums. I knew it wasn’t Chrysanthemum, but similar, and suddenly “Chrysera” came out. It sort of just popped into my head. This then lead to other interesting things, and before I knew it, Laura and “Chrysera” were having a discussion between themselves, and I was witnessing the whole thing. It wasn’t that I wasn’t in control of my body (I was), but more like I was having an active dream where ideas and impressions arose without my conscious mind being the key player in the whole thing.

“Anyway, Crysera explained that she had been a healer, and because of that she had been branded a witch, gagged with a piece of wood, and killed. When I first thought of having a possessing spirit, my impulse was to get rid of it at all costs, but once I learned the story of what happened to her, I’ve got to admit that I felt more compassion than anything.

“Towards the end of the interaction, Laura asked Crysera about her beliefs regarding death and dying, and tried to help her find an ally to take her to the light. At that point, I saw what I can only describe as a very grouchy woman show up, with her face half black and half white. I didn’t quite know what to make of that, but Crysera left, and the session ended. I felt good, but exhausted.

“Afterwards, I went to Google, to double-check some of the information. I felt that something had happened, but I also wanted to see how much of this came from “me”. My big question was whether or not the possessing spirit was really a possessing spirit, or maybe just some stagnant energy all of my own… Here’s what I found:

  1. There was a very dark period in our history where anyone thought to be a witch was burned at the stake. If you had knowledge of how to heal with herbs, and especially if you actually managed to heal someone, there was a good chance that you could be branded a witch. In order to keep witches from cursing those trying to burn them, they were gagged, oftentimes with a piece of wood. That fits.
  2. The name Crysera means “Golden Flower”. I was thinking of Chrysanthemums, but knew that was the wrong word. Interesting.
  3. In Norse mythology, Odin gave control over the underworld to Hel, who was a woman with a face half black and half white. She was basically the grim reaper of Norse mythology, and would collect the dead. She was known for her angry demeanor, and the phrase “Go to Hell” is actually a reference to her. Just to be clear, the first time I heard about Hel was AFTER my session.

“From those three points, and the intense feelings that spontaneously came up for me during the process, I have to conclude that I was witnessing someone else’s dying process through my own body. There’s really no other explanation, especially since the words and mythology aren’t anywhere even close to something that I would have been able to guess at or even make up.

“It took a few days for me to recover from the experience, as it was actually quite exhausting and emotional. The last really weird piece of it came the very night after the session… I looked inside my mouth, and saw all of this white stuff coming out of my tonsils. Five or six weird little tonsil stones forced their way out, right in the same place where I felt the wooden gag sensation. I believe that, although I don’t think she had bad intentions, Crysera was an energy parasite on my body, and due to her experiences being gagged, I think that’s where she connected to me. Once she was gone, that area could relax, and those weird little stones were the physical signs that everything was clearing out.

“The really sad thing is that there’s not any kind of framework in our culture to discuss these sorts of things, let alone any kind of tools to use to clean them out. If I had an energy parasite like that, I’m pretty sure a lot of other people do too, and it really makes me wonder about the sources of a lot of chronic illnesses. So I’d like to thank Shamans everywhere (and one Shaman in particular!) for keeping this knowledge alive and available for those who are willing to seek it out.”