Overview of Workshops

I am delighted to offer a series of workshops in conscious dreaming, divination, breathwork and shamanic journeying. Workshops offer us a unique vehicle to learn psycho-spiritual life skills and to be with people in a safe, contained space, which for so many has been historically absent from the narrative.

Some workshops take place over Zoom and some occur in person in both residential and non-residential settings. Introductory level workshops are open to anyone who is curious, open, and inward directed and wants to learn psycho-spiritual practices that can be incorporated into daily life.

I generally ask that you attend an Introductory level workshop before attending an advanced workshop, but I frequently make exceptions for participants who have experience attending group workshops and who can co-create sacred space by adhering to group norms.

By offering workshops, I hope that we can all learn to access the unshakable wisdom that dwells deep within each of us.

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