Ancestral Healing

In this workshop we will explore our biological, familial, and spiritual lineages and unresolved psychic material that hinders our evolution. Through the process of shamanic journeying we will meet the protectors of our lineage, and work in collaboration with them to help heal our dead (yet still unwell) ancestors. Both the living and the dead benefit from these practices, as well as up and down the ancestral lines. In this way, we shift the unresolved karma, grief, and trauma of our energetic inheritance

By engaging with the patterns of our biological and familial lineage, we discover newfound wisdom that helps us live authentic, healthy and connected lives. Ancestral healing unlocks the hidden potential of our legacy and we receive the spiritual inheritance of our lineage.

In accordance with the wheel of life, this workshop is only held in late autumn, the time of the year when our connection to the past is clearest and most supported by the elements. By doing so, we honor the role seasons play in our lives and recognize the natural tendency to disseminate in autumn, germinate in winter, blossom in spring, and produce in the summer.

Please read the policies page for information regarding group norms and conduct policy, cancellation policy, and medical forms.

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