Breathwork as a Psychospiritual Practice

Non-ordinary (sometimes called extraordinary) states of consciousness have been employed by shamans for millenia to facilitate healing. The Breathwork Journey draws on ancient wisdom and current research to create an environment for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Evocative music, yogic breathwork, art therapy, and ceremonial circle and ritual are employed to help alter our mind-state and experience extraordinary states of consciousness. In these extraordinary states we experience biographical, transpersonal, and somatic healing as we traverse the landscape of a shamanic journey.

During a Breathwork Journey you might:

  • Experience bliss.
  • Feel like you are traveling out of the body as well as through time.
  • Feel like you are becoming or experiencing other life forms.
  • Experience energy moving through your body.
  • Laugh, chant, cry, or scream
    Feel like dancing, or doing spontaneous yoga postures or mudras.
  • Gain greater understanding or completion of an old issue.
  • Recognize a pattern that has been previously unknown to you, or effortlessly change the pattern during the journey.
  • Sleep (though it is not ordinary sleep, it is deep, healing yogic sleep).
  • Finish unfinished business.
  • Breathwork Journeys can be powerful and profound.

No experience is necessary to register for this workshop.

However, it is recommended that you have a therapist available to help you integrate your experience in the weeks that follow the Breathwork Journey.

Please read the policies page for information regarding group norms and conduct policy, cancellation policy, and medical forms.

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