Conventional Psychotherapy

In psychotherapy sessions, Laura’s therapeutic focus is helping individuals heal attachment wounds, reduce emotional discomfort, better tolerate distress and move forward in their life.

The initial goal of psychotherapy is often the immediate relief of distress related to a crisis, trauma or stagnation. As the work deepens, your personal growth will become the focus as you make lasting changes in yourself and the way you engage in your life.

Laura’s clinical training is in working with adults struggling with depression and/or anxiety, and in gerontology (older adults suffer disproportionately from depression). That said, Laura also greatly enjoys working with millennials (who suffer disproportionately from anxiety).

Psychotherapy may be offered in office, by phone or by secure video conference.

If you are interested in psychotherapy and want to know more about Laura’s approach, you can schedule a complementary 15 minute phone session to see what it might be like to work with her.

Laura works primarily with individuals. Her office is a SAFE space. She welcomes people of all backgrounds and cultures into her office and she enjoys a diverse clientele including people of color, diverse faiths and ethnicities, LGBTQIA individuals, and older adults.

Health insurance may cover your psychotherapy. If it does not, you may be eligible for reimbursement for all or part of your therapy sessions from your health insurance or flex spending plan, or both. You can investigate these options by contacting your insurance plan and asking about mental health benefits. Psychotherapy can be a medical deduction and tax write off.

Services are payable by credit card.

Please call (707) 888-6813 to schedule your complimentary 15 minute phone session. You may also send an email here.

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