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For me psychotherapy and spirituality has never felt like two distinct things. I have always found emotional, physical and psychological healing to be a deeply spiritual experience, and I have always needed the wisdom of psychology to help me disseminate and integrate my spiritual experiences.

It is my great honor to be in the room with you when you have your breakthrough, which is usually a simple but undeniable truth that manifests from deep within you, often spontaneously. These discoveries become the cornerstone of a new way for you to be in the world. By tending to your own difficulties, you acquire skills and insight that will serve you (and others) on your larger journey.

My psychotherapy treatment approach is integrative. While I’m a psychodynamic therapist at heart, I use problem-based models, such as mindfulness based cognitive therapy, to help you stabilize in a crisis. I use Internal Family Systems and relational therapy to process implicit memories that keep you trapped in outdated behavior patterns, and I pull from transpersonal theory to help you create meaning from your story and feel satisfied in your quest for spiritual connection. I am especially interested in hearing about your dreams, as they offer us extraordinary insight into your inner life.

I offer therapy for a wide range of uses, however, I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

In addition to my clinical work, in 2020 I founded Wellmind.Online, a collaborative of therapists, psychiatric practitioners and nutritionists, who support mind health from a whole-person perspective.

A little about my training: I earned my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver and completed clinical training in Behavior Health from Adventist Health and Kaiser Permanente. During my training I worked with adults facing chemical dependency and mental disorders, as well as older adults suffering depression. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California and a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). I have also been fortunate to receive shamanic training from both indigenous and  Western teachers, including, most recently, a two-year training with Sandra Ingerman.

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