Private Sessions

In private sessions Laura calls upon her helping spirits to create a beautiful healing experience. During the session helping spirits assist Laura in identifying and addressing imbalances, integrating the new awareness into your life and follow up care prescriptions. Before the session ends, Laura will share information and guidance for next steps as well as images and totems that will provide you with continued empowerment. Most people experience an increase in vitality and a deeper understanding of their life path and purpose.

First sessions are 50 to 75 minutes in length. Follow up sessions are 50 minutes. Laura prefers Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards for private sessions.

Sessions occur in a healing and tranquil environment. Laura facilitates shamanic journeys while her clients relax in a reclining chair or on the bodywork table.

Video conferencing or telephone sessions are available for clients living outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. For these sessions Laura will provide guidance on selecting an environment conducive for healing within one’s own home or office.

Shamanic healing can stir up dormant energy that has been stored in the body. Laura believes it is important to move this energy and encourages her clients to participate in post-session healing modalities that include: art, movement, yoga, bodywork, and play.

You can book a session with Laura here.