Psycho-Shamanic Counseling™

Laura’s experiences with shamanic healing and Julie Kramer’s Essential Shamanism led her to develop Psycho-Shamanic Counseling™.

The two founding principles of Psycho-Shamanic Counseling™ are: 1) Both the client and the shamanic practitioner have resources in the unseen world that can be accessed for healing and guidance; and 2) The precipitating event that led the client to shamanic healing is viewed in the context of a spiritual initiation, or what Joseph Campbell called “The Hero’s Journey.”

Each session is a process of bringing forth wisdom and healing from the unseen world and integrating the new information into your daily experience. Laura gently guides you in identifying the questions that need to be addressed as well uncovering unconscious material that obstructs healing.

Laura strives for her clients to experience unconditional positive regard and support in each session. This creates a safe and trusting environment that allows clients to bring the entirety of their experiences into the process. Laura listens deeply to her clients and practices presence with all that arises in the course of each session. She also offers suggestions for homework, including meditations or shamanic journeys, mindfulness exercises, creative projects, and behavior and thought adaptations.

Psycho-Shamanic Counseling™ is both subtle and profound and generates long-lasting change. Throughout the process, clients report a sense of empowerment that leads to making good choices and generates harmony in oneself and with others.

You can book a complimentary fifteen minute phone session with Laura here.